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Born and raised in the DMV, passionate to find solutions to make everyone and everything better. Personal Trainer turned Web Developer. Crafting powerful narratives and experiences for users is what keeps me up at night. I believe there is little that a positive growth mindset, healthy dose of grit, good friends and a abundance of chocolate chip cookies can’t overcome.

Skills & Technologies


Smart, semantic HTML is important not only to be responsive to the changing needs of the market but also in assuring accessibility to everyone who wants to enjoy it


CSS gives you the freedom to join hundreds of small pieces of code to cascade into a beautiful, colorful expressions of your design


My first love, code built from the best pieces of many languages and made to work seamlessly without the painful complexity. A language built with the philosophy to be productive and fun for the programmer


The language of the web, born to give life to websites and took a life of its own and never looked back. Far gone from the days of it’s conception JS can now be found fueling the full spectrum of web applications to robotics and more

Ruby on Rails

A web application framework famous for it’s pragmatism and convention over configuration to enhance productivity and speed to create web applications. Play by the it’s rules and life is nice, but stray too far and be prepared for a fight

Node & Express.JS

A Testament to Javascripts power and flexibility, powered by Google at it’s core. Together they allow you be the Sauron ( misunderstood character really ) of the middle earth that is Web Development. Fast and Flexible, their popularity and utility is undeniable

Test | Behavior Driven Development

Good specs should be thorough, stable, fast and few. Follow their heed to help ensure your code is more robust against failure yet can be dependable for when you need to change it. Red, Green, Refactor is the mantra of the well prepared

Mobile First Development

1.2 billion mobile users world-wide and constant growing and mobile-only usage fast outpacing any other device. More than ever before the web is something that we carry in our pockets and hands

Let's build amazing things

I am currently available for collaborative and full-time opportunities where I can bring innovative digital solutions for your clients needs.


Washinton, DC

Northern Virginia